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Which table to choose
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Which Front Pad
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Futures Fins Alpha Fin Release

Stoked on "Lose the Straps! "

Welcome to - the original site dedicated to kitesurfers that are evolving the strapless scene. Please introduce yourself to the forum by posting here.

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Stoked on "Lose the Straps! "

Postby Kitemare » Thu Mar 12, 2009 6:57 pm

Hello! Oooops... don't recall how I found Lose the straps site. ????
Probably searching for info on surfboard strapless riding. Not sure.
the important thing is ... I'm Here! The LOVE this site!

Have read over many of the posts and its all Positive!
Why is that? Are strapless riders just more positive, friendly, helpful people?
or is Lonny just good at deleting the negative stuff?

Kiteforum has some good info, but there is also WAY WAY too much
Neg time wasting banter that is useless.
Sorry Toby!
Toby is a really great guy, and I have a TON of respect for him!
... just like the vibe on this forum 1000000000000% more . : )

Have been kiting since March 2000.
Recently my enthusiam for kiting began to drop,
so I began choosing to go surfing ( paddle in ) over kite sessions.

and then...

I tried riding Kiting Strapless on a surfboard.

WOW! Crazy fun! Enthusiam jacked up to record levels.
Totally different experience and challenge.

Twin-tip? You guessed It. Collecting dust!
Boosting big jumps is a rush,
But no comparison to riding waves on a surfboard.

Watched a vid by Jon Modica riding in NY.
1st section.. twin-tip.. slim chances, and similar moves,
Then the strapless surfboard section...
Oh yeah!!! :D The move where he puts one hand on the board
and helicopters his body above it, and rides away..
No way!!!!!! Thats crazy! :D

Lon, Jon, time for some How-Too vids!

About 3 days ago, I took the Skywalker D-wave that I never liked..
took off the straps, and the fin, and hit the beach.
Straight into the waste high surf.
Ride, slide, crash, ride, slide, crash! Loved it!
After a short time, was able to catch some waves and ride ( or slide )
back to the beach.

Tried Shuvits and crashed EVERY time!

2nd day, went to a shallow flat water tidal pool
Out of close to 100 attempts, only nailed a handful.
3rd day, nailed around 20.
and today, day 4 on the skim, hit over 75% of them. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! :D

Tried some 360's ... unhooked, bar over my head, at the hip handle pass,
and crashed the kite EVERY time!

Help! Gotta learn those 360's! :D

Anyway, Stoked to find this site.
My friend Robb ( aka Pebbles ) has me ready to buy a Roush-Surftech Loaf.
Probably the Aloha Loaf, and also a Softop Loaf.

Have a website: .... yeah... I know, its a mess, needs updates,
and you can be sure, Strapless surf and Skim will be there!

Thanks for listening!

Getting Wet
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Re: Stoked on "Lose the Straps! "

Postby Lonny » Fri Mar 13, 2009 2:11 am

Hey Jeff,

Welcome to LTS! Thank you for joining and your kind words.

Honestly, I have never deleted one negative post since I started this forum in October of 2007. Its really a statement about the people that are on here, and the fact that this forum is not about that. My motto is: Share the Stoke and not the Stroke! Its all about sharing the love, knowledge and passion for strapless riding and all the people on here do that everyday. So welcome to it!

For some nice surfboard inspiration check out this new video a user just sent me today. Pretty impressive:

I hear you on your enthusiasm for riding strapless in waves, it is the best, and always keeps me motivated for the next session. Glad you lost your straps!

I just got my new water housing for my camera :D and we should have some new footy up in the next few months. That is if we get some wind. It has been pretty bad here. :cry: Keep your eyes peeled.
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