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New & need advice

Welcome to - the original site dedicated to kitesurfers that are evolving the strapless scene. Please introduce yourself to the forum by posting here.

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New & need advice

Postby addicted2it » Fri Jan 29, 2010 2:35 am

Hi, great web site, love all the pics & videos, really gets me stoked.
I rerally want to start riding surfboards & skims, especially strapless. My question is, should i start with straps ?? Learn that ,then go strapless ??
Or go strapless right off the bat?
What do you recommend??
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Re: New & need advice

Postby peligro18 » Fri Jan 29, 2010 2:34 pm

i did some waterstarts with a TT and then i lost it :(
then i grabed a surfboard and learn with it

i didnt have a chance to feel the edge on the TT... only the really first downwinders...
so yes
if you dont have an option and you really want to start riding anything that looks sort of like a board will get you going

by the way... loosing that TT was the best thing ever happend to me... so right now i just go on 3 hour session with 1 hour surfboard, 1 hour trying to unhook with a TT and 1 hour with the "skim" i made in the little waves on the shore... life is good

grab the board from the tail
bend it a lil bit then put the front foot on the middle and then put the back foot and start pressing with the same amount with both feets that way the board will stick to your feet when you are waterstarting... HAVE FUN!
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Re: New & need advice

Postby Lonny » Fri Jan 29, 2010 11:50 pm

Hey addicted2it,

Welcome to LTS! Thank you for your kind words and joining us here.

Most people when they start out to ride strapless get more psyched out by the thought of riding strapless. How will you stay on the board, get up to speed, etc. Honestly, it is just a mental hurdle and once you overcome it you do not really think about it any more. If you skills are good with a kite you can start right away strapless. As far as which board to start with, well that really depends on your conditions. If you have a lot of flat water or small chop I would go with a skim to start with. If you get more wave or ocean swell conditions I would start with a surfboard. Give yourself a good 2 - 3 hour session on one day and you will start to feel more comfortable than you might think now. There are going to be a lot of spills, and eating water, but hey, that is half the fun! 8) Also, remember that kite position and handling play a much larger role when you ride strapless because when you make a mistake with the kite you are not going to be saved by straps. So keep that in mind. You will become a better kite flier by riding strapless I can assure you of that.

Let us know how we can help you further! And I want to see some pictures of you added to the LTS library, or maybe a video to share! Keep that stoke going - lots of fun ahead!
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