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Which table to choose
Kite setup tips/tricks
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Which Front Pad
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Futures Fins Alpha Fin Release


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Postby nachitus » Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:24 am

hi everybody!! :D just bougth a Naish Global 6.1 tri Fin i think the board is from 2006 but is in great shape. Until now i had 4 session with it and loving it. What a nice feeling, a whole new sport for me.
My quiver is a Rally 10 meters, and Fuel 7/9/15/17

I know big downwinds are the DEAL. but when i don´t have the logistic and i have to stick to one point, i´m loosing a lot of time and energy to go upwind. After the break point i have to do a very big run ( more offshore than i would like to) to reach the starting point. here in uruguay we dont have a clean swell, more often is chop and some chest to overhead peaks (not really a good and clean wave, more like breaking points)

Is a special technique to go upwind hard??

thanks a lot!!
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