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Zap ACE Skimboard (First Couple of Sessions)

PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2016 12:06 pm
by kiteuk
Finally had a couple of sessions kitesurfing with my Zap ACE 54 Skimboard.
The transition from a twintip to a skimboard (Non kite specific skimboard) was actually much easier than I expected it to be.
I found getting my feet into position on the board whilst performing a water start was a little tricky at first, but after a few attempts all was well.
The board rides both ways just like a twintip and goes up wind with ease.
I’m practising jumping onto the board from a standing start, as well as transition turns spinning the board around by 180 degrees at the end of a run,I am yet to try this and just need to practice.

Moving to a skimboard opens up a new world, no fins and straps to worry about and kitesurfing in a few inches of water is great fun. Even in very shallow depths, you can apply the slightness of heel pressure to go up wind.
I’m not one to kitesurf in deep water and never usually kitesurf more than waist deep if that, therefore kitesurfing using a skimboard is ideal for me.
It’s certainly great fun and perhaps I should have started well before now, the twintip won’t get much use if any for the rest of the season.
When I purchased the board I fitted the Zap standard footpads and deck bar that runs down the centre of the board and then waxed the rest of board,
Since then I have now removed the wax and replaced it with deck pad which works well.