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Exile Dude Cruise???

This is the place to talk about riding styles, tricks, conditions, what works, what doesn't on your skimboard. Wondering about what skimboard to get for kiting? Post it all here.

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Exile Dude Cruise???

Postby stolitonic » Sat Jul 09, 2011 3:49 am

Exile dude cruise any thought of how this might ride or suitable for a larger guy. Im 220 and thinking this might do the trick? they come in 3 sizes:


95-160 lbs
140-200 lbs
199lbs & Up

21.00" x 50.30"
21.40" x 50.50"
22.00" x 52.50"
Since I know little or nothing about these boards can anyone give some recommendations on the company exile and or what they think of this ship...thanks Darren
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Re: Exile Dude Cruise???

Postby cynbad » Fri Aug 12, 2011 12:51 pm

Hi darren,
Exile is a small, hands on company that makes one of the best skimboards on the market. I have tried many, and their's are my favorite. One of the original kite skimmers, Joey Pasqualli is sponsored by them as well. I inquired about the 'Dude Cruise' when it first came out because it is so COOL looking! Talked with Hank Snap at Exile and decided , that with my feather weight (120lbs) and choppy conditions where I ride, that the Cruise was not a good option for me. If you are riding in moderate wind area's then it might be awesome for you! I ride the Pro shape in S glass. Since I ride in winds from 20-40mph, I need the narrower outline and pin tail to be able to go from rail to rail. You can't go wrong with an Exile board!
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