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kite skimming on 41" plywood and hydra 3m

This is the place to talk about riding styles, tricks, conditions, what works, what doesn't on your skimboard. Wondering about what skimboard to get for kiting? Post it all here.

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kite skimming on 41" plywood and hydra 3m

Postby anodizer » Sat Aug 27, 2011 1:16 pm

Hey all,

Please share a thought or 2 on the following question... Had my first kitesurfing lesson about a week ago, which I have mixed feelings about. It was on a day when the wind blew at 8 BF, so conditions were not the best for a beginner 2-hour session.

Anyways, I would like to give it a go again, but before I set my mind on buying full-blown kite equipment or anything, I would like to see under what conditions I would be able to use my skimboard with a kite.

I own a common plywood 41" skimboard, which I can ride flatland ( even not very far ) given some speed ( I weigh around 185 lbs ). I have read all around the web that skimboards can be ridden with kites under lighter winds, so what kite size would be ideal to be combined with my skimboard ( given my weight )? Please take into account that local wind conditions ( Athens, GR ) revolve around 15-20 knots as an estimate.

Is it possible to use a 3m - 5m trainer ( such as a Hydra ) with it under 15-20 knots, given my board size and weight? I have seen a couple of videos on Youtube where a guy of similar weight rides a skimboard with a Hydra, but I am not sure about the weather conditions of the vid. Have a look for yourselves if u like:

Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanx a lot to anyone who's read that far!

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Re: kite skimming on 41" plywood and hydra 3m

Postby tungsten » Sat Aug 27, 2011 6:07 pm

Hey anodizer, welcome to this beautiful sport! From what I can see, you've got good chances to become a pro kiter in very short time. If a 8 beaufort first session didn't scare the crap out of you, and you still talk about kiting, you will make it to the top fast. :D

As far as the gear you mention is concerned, I would say it's not suitable for kiting for a beginner with 185 pounds. The skimboard is quite small for your weight (around 54"x20" would be a good size), and together with a small hydra I'm afraid you will not kite very far if the water is deeper than 1", or the wind is blowing a steady 35kn. But hey, if you have a hydra at hand and the skimmy readily available, why don't you give it a try anyways! If you have some puddle somewhere, you might get good fun sessions out of that combo. Ignore the bumps and bruises and let us know how it went!

cheers & good winds,

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Re: kite skimming on 41" plywood and hydra 3m

Postby Lonny » Sat Aug 27, 2011 11:37 pm

Hi Anodizer,

Welcome to LTS, and the sport of kitesurfing. Tungsten gave you some great advice already, and echo his comments. If you want to go with one go to kite, and your conditions are generally 15-20 knots then you should consider 10 meter or a 9 meter. My 9 Switchblade is my go to kite for that wind range. Todd, who is your identical weight also uses the same size in that wind range. A good quality modern kite is really what you are going to want to start with, and since you are starting out you are going to need to find a kite that suits your tastes and riding style. Try to go to as many local demos as possible to try before you buy. Also consider purchasing a used kite for your first kite. Generally are always local pros in in any kiting area and you can usually get great deals on their one season old kite. Once you have tried a few kites and know what you like then you can start to be more selective, but your first kite will get trashed without a doubt.

Hope that helps, and please feel free to ask any other questions you may have.
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