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C-kites with skimboards

This is the place to talk about riding styles, tricks, conditions, what works, what doesn't on your skimboard. Wondering about what skimboard to get for kiting? Post it all here.

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C-kites with skimboards

Postby sflinux » Tue Oct 16, 2012 12:34 pm

Anyone else riding c-kites with skimboards?
This pass season I've found I get better bottom end with a my 5'3" Placebo Surfskate than my Large Pro Zap Skimboard. I've also found that I get better top end on a WakeSkate than my Large Pro Zap Skimboard. This has left me with the impression that my Large Pro Zap Skimboard doesn't have a wide usable range. Last season I rode a WindWing Skimboard (Flash Austin Model), which I believe is closer in size to the Medium Pro Zap Skimboard. The top end on the WindWing skimboard is better than the larger Zap Pro Large skimboard. I think it is because the smaller Windwing skimboard sits deeper in the water (I believe it has more concave too), so it is easier to edge out the gusts.
I know there are guys loving skimboards on this forum, are you all riding sles?. I'm just wondering if my limited range on skimboards comes down to the type of kites I'm riding; c-kites. When I'm underpowered I work the kite, then when up to speed, I can park it and edge upwind. But when I get overpowered on gusts, I drift downwind. And when I'm working the kite and get overpowered, I drift downwind. With a sle, you could just push out on the bar to spill wind, something you can't do as easily with a c-kite.
Can you think of any tips of what I might be doing wrong to improve my upwind riding on a skimboard while riding c-kites? I'm 200#, so I need to maintain momentum to keep from sinking on my skimboards.
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Re: C-kites with skimboards

Postby tungsten » Thu Oct 18, 2012 7:18 am

I ride my skim in surf & mush & slop. I use ARCs, so that's kinda C-kite. When a gust comes through, I'm ripped downwind sometimes. So what I do is, turn the board tip downwind to regain control, step on the tail brake to bring speed down, and get back to edging upwind. I have sharp edges which helps.
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