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You might as well leave your windows rolled down, they hopefully wont get waxed ,broken or both. Dont leave anything in the car that you want to be there when you get back and just expect the hookers in the bushes to use it to turn tricks during your session. Its best to barter a rental fee or trade since your obviously riding on the wrong side of the tracks.We get the stink eye as soon as we pull into the parking lot , the others are not in a good mood as the wind has just picked up and yet another lurker is pulling in. Im quick to open up the the van up to reveal only a skim and backpack  to show i have nothing else in my van to steal and put the natives  at ease since a skim has never been a threat to the little wedgey left that just might break at the end of the very long hike in. With an escort to the beach (partly to make sure we are staying down there, partly to work out the numbers) the john then heads back to open up shop in our scooby van as we set up camp. The wind was light, onshore and ended up dropping after a half an hour ,so we really didnt make much on the percentage fee we had worked out a little earlier.  I could have just drove twenty minutes, paid $2, parked my full toy box (unlocked )right in front of my kite, with nice side shore wind and a few dozen other kiters. But we stayed home and  i rode myself . Also we made five dollars which paid for a really big cup of fruit . The wind died everywhere anyway. Here is the kinda worthless footy of “thier” spot. i get a lot of hassle surfing this area by the locals and have to watch my back at home , literally, i even get hassled by my landlord/roomate when i get home and its in my rental contract not to EVER paddle to the peak. It said nothing about skimming, though.

As a  side comment to tungstens ” attitude” post.   really good post!! funny, i am a spoilt lil brat and get a lot of free boards. also i have made many a custom board of  all aspects, but have fallen in love with my $ 150 dollar victoria foamy .I dont have any regrets about having to eat a few peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to make up for the cash i didnt have to spend on it. Im really amazed by the customs that the other LTS posters have made.

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