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I wake up looking at a full day of lessons, the last thing i want to hear is the sound of swell detonating on the beach. Its overhead, sideoff and im doublebooked. I head to the club med restaurant and grab a coffee and pastry. The left is firing off and its  useless to ignore it as it tempts me from the view across the pool, not even remotely  noticing the two women laying out topless in the early morning sun. Im looking past them daydreaming about parking my kite and pulling in into the outer peak when my coffee overflows. Im sitting in front of the club waiting for my ten o’clock, im thinking of other things to keep myself from going crazy, fixing my boat, the cute blond staying at the hotel next door, more pastrys. Its now 10:15 and im givng it five more minutes before i will start running back to my room.

Im on the beach and there just isnt any wind here, but i see the spray coming off the reef a mile and a half out. The wind shadow from the numerous hotels makes the wind a mess of rotors and holes for the first half mile so i loop  my kite to keep it moving hoping my  read of the conditions is correct. I hit the wind line and begin the ten minute commute to the reef.

Pure bliss and its as good as it gets, overhead and reeling. Its a bit milky today and its very hard to see the reef  so i look for the boils placing turns and riding high in the whitewash into the channel.

My after noon lesson goes well on the other side of the island where i find all the other kiters playing in the flat chop spot.

Smiling as i pull out of the parking lot and head  back home in time to take a friend for her bodydrags then head back out to the reef which hasnt stopped going off all day. ITs A bit smaller but the higher tide has made the reef less of an issue so i pay a bit more attention to my turns and the sunset.

Slogging my way back to shore i end up a bit downwind . As im winding up a local fisherman comes up and reminds me of just how many big boys are swimming around out there. I only hear something about ice cream.

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