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Published on January 14th, 2009 | by Chanson


Rescue from Winter


Well, as most of you know, it’s cold,  rainy, and still windy here in the Pac-NW.  With the exception of this week, we haven’t seen the sun in awhile.  With that said, there are a few solutions to our “downtime” during the “off-season”. 

We took a trip to the coast last weekend in search of clean waves and south wind… The wind-line was still a mile or two away with a light east wind keeping it far enough offshore so we couldn’t ride the coast.  While everyone was geared up for waves and warmer water, we decided to kite in a bay on the Columbia River side where there are no waves and cold, river water. The few of us who got out had a blast, got a little cold, and were glad we brought the skims to enjoy some light wind and some butter water.


The next solution has been the super session saver for the past couple winters… Sk8-kiting!  Given the harsh winter weather and major southerlies in the Portland area, we have a great sk8-kite setup here in the city.  Find a nice piece of pavement and some steady wind and you’re ready to go.  Go out in 30 knots with your 2m or cruise around in 6 knots with a 3-5m… more strapless fun to hone your skillz!!!

photogapher Stringer goes blind

photogapher Stringer goes blind




Gman getting low..

Gman getting low...



Stringer has been killing it lately behind the lens… keep an eye out for more shots where you least expect them 😉

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