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Published on May 18th, 2017 | by Lonny


My New Mistress….

After over 30 years in the ocean chasing wind and waves one would think that it would have lost its luster a bit by now. Oddly enough, I am still just a giddy on a windy day with waves as I was when I first entered the water all those years ago at Virginia Key. What makes it even more special is when you get a new board – especially a custom board. There is so much hope, and anticipation of what could be. You just never know until you hit the water, and actually feel the board reacting to you and the conditions. But let’s face it with all the possible options for a new custom board it is easy to miss the mark somewhere. And then, every now and again, you get a board that is magic. You might try to get that “magic” board made for you again 20 times with the identical shaper, layup, and design but for some unknown reason it just doesn’t measure up to that one “magic” board. Thus, it was with much anticipation, and certainly some trepidation that when my custom arrived late yesterday I was pretty stoked to hit the water with it today – even after being up till 2 AM setting up the board.

Lonny's 2017 Custom Cabrinha 5' 5

I often laugh with my amazing wife, Katrina, that if I was ever to have a mistress it would be the sea. It is the only other place that I experience total bliss besides being with her. I feel at home there and always at peace – no matter how alone or offshore I am. Katrina is an amazing woman, and she has always encouraged every moment that I have spent on the water without feeling threatened. She has put up with a lot of broken plans, not making plans at all, or last minute changes due to my passion. Heck, she allowed a 20 knot clause on our wedding day! To say she supports me and my passion is an understatement. And that brings me full circle to the point of my post. Katrina has already met my new mistress, but I thought I should publicly introduce her to my friends and family. She is 5’ 5”, 21 liters, 18.9” wide, and has a perfect pin tail. After an amazing 9m session today I think this board may be “magic”….. Yep, still giddy….

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