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Published on January 6th, 2009 | by Yann


Back to the valley

Monday 22 Dec we had northwesterly winds so it was time for that spot down south 200 kilometers away. Me and my brother Nicolas went in my car and met up with Mathieu, Sam and Falle at the spot. The forecast said the wind was about to drop so I rigged my 7m so I wouldn’t have to go in and pump another kite but once out it was so gusty I felt both under and over rigged at the same time. The spot has mainly lefthanders but the cross onshore direction of the wind was in favor of right-handers which made it a little difficult to get any long rides. You really had to work the kite to not outrun it. At one wave I messed up and somehow managed to tangle my board in the frontlines. With the board flying two meters above my head I had absolutely no idea how to get it loose and felt pretty darn stupid. I wasn’t too keen on the idea of having to drop the kite in the surf but at the same time I could see the fins eating on my front lines. When I saw that there were no big ones rolling in I went for it and got it free.

Back in Gothenburg 400kilometers later when I unpacked my car there was one board missing. I accidently left it on the beach. Not much else to do but go down there again to pick it up while it was sheltered by the darkness. Luckily my girlfriend who just got back from work was up for a road trip and drove me down there so I could have a 2 hour power nap and drive safely back home again 🙂

Sam Hansson, Sucias, was really fast and cut and edited a small movie before he went to South Africa the day after. I’m the guy riding goofy, Falle is on the regular directional and my brother is on the twintip.

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