Published on December 20th, 2016 | by Brandon Bowe

Brandon Bowe’s Sailing Mission Through the Virgin Islands – Part 1

Traveling the world isn’t always fun and games. The end result, more often then not, is worth all the hassle. That doesn’t mean it isn’t extremely taxing on the mind, body, and sometimes wallet.

Enjoy the first in a series of Video logs following my journey down into the Virgin Islands through my eyes and see what it takes to get that perfect dream kiteboarding session.

Brandon Bowe - Sailboat selfie

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About the Author

Young, fun, and ambitious. I am a professional kiteboarder and artist from the south west coast of Florida patient about the ocean and capturing moments around it. Born in 1993, started kiting around 2006, placed my first podium event in 2010, won my first international competition in 2012.

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