Published on July 6th, 2009 | by sundogchicky


mixed breed

This is a strapless forum. YES , i think straps are gay, and think quite a bit less of a person and their tricks if their handicapped by straps. Its kinda like being Manny on steroids. Dont even  get me started about fins.  And you might as well be shopping for gerbils if your thinking about buying a twin tip. And youve truly come out of the closet if your riding waves with it. Everything is much harder, cooler and socially acceptable without the taint of feetbelts. If your a homo who is handicapped by straps but just a little bi curious about trying strapless ,then dive right into LTS.  Well have you gay bashing in no time…GET with it you homos!!!

There …………now we are starting to look like a REAL “kite” forum!!!  

Thank you everyone once again for the progressive attitude and conduct that is so prevalent on this forum. 

this video says about the same thing,    and  i  believe that my gerbils just prefer riding strapless.

and no, i dont have an arial handlepass,  yet   …..maybe ill learn that next year when i turn 40..

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