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Published on March 15th, 2010 | by Lonny


Wicked riding…Massive inspiration…Matt Meola…Pure Respect!

Every now and again I watch a video that will blow me away, and it is not necessarily a kitesurfing video. This video of surfer Matt Meola is one of those videos. This guy just crushes it, and clearly has a very bright future as a surfer. His aerials are smooth and massive, whether he is hitting it backside for frontside. Watch some of the drops he makes in this video – insanely late. All of us that aspire to be good surfers as kitesurfers can learn a lot from Matt. I would be happy if I could garner 5% of the steez he shows in this video. Pure inspiration, at least for me, comes from many sources. Sure watching another guy kiting that rips is awesome, but inspiration comes in many flavors and varieties. Surfers, Skaters, Snowboarders, Wakeboarders, etc. all have something to share with other sports. The more respect and attention we wish from these other sports will require them to take notice of how we ride on the water. Respect is always earned, and never given. Respect…

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