Board Building who's in the lead?

Published on August 8th, 2012 | by Tungsten


Preparing for Brazil 2016

I was watching some Olympic footage sitting comfortably in my arm chair, when I stumbled over this exciting piece of sailing competition. As you well might have heard we’re in for the Olympic Games with kite racing, 2016 in Brazil that is. Probably not strapless this time – regatta is a true sailing sport and thus for very old men and women only, who need to hold on to something in order to not fall off of their floatation device – but nevertheless a great pastime for both racers and the spectators. I’m just thinking ahead, a bit down the line we might even see kite racing in X-Games, like down hill strapless on a tyre tube with a kite in the air on short lines. Lots of amusing crash’n burn.

Now what has this got to do with board building? Well, I was asking myself the same question. Apart from the fact that race boards are rather built like a skiff, probably nothing. Enjoy the vid anyways if you’re in for a good laugh.

Sailing Video

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